Tartware has landed!


This is just a sneaky wee post, from me Yasmin Selena, to test out my beautiful new blog Tartware as I get to grips  with it all. Shh . . . we officially launch in 2013, but I’m such an  impatient soul I just had to do this now and see how the posts would appear ; )

Why 2013?

Why not now?

Because I published my debut novel, Gunshot Glitter, and my beautiful behemoth has rightfully claimed all my undivided attention.  You can read the opening chapter of my book here on my other blog, ‘ Hello You,’ where I blog as a  writer on many other fine things you might enjoy.

Don’t you think the cover is beautiful?

Download a free sample today. Cover designed by Celene Petrulak.

So, if you’ve somehow stumbled across this page, well done! Enjoy the preview and check out Gunshot Glitter on Kindle or a Kindle Reader App. There will be more to come in 2013.

Keep your peepers open and if you’re feeling frisky, subscribe or follow Tartware now and get a head start on everyone else. I am also on Twitter under @tartware and also @yasminselena.   More soon to come. Thanks for reading the opening post ; ) Now go and click on the other pages and start dreaming about your favorite piece of tartware, to be featured in a future post with. Tartware is for *everyone* and that means you too.

Yasmin Selena Butt x x


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