Hello you

Hello, my name is Yasmin Selena Butt and when you don’t find me here, blogging about Tartware, you can find me at ‘Hello You’ blogging about all words, music, being an author and life.  I hope you’ll be interested enough in my words to visit me at both sites. I am a writer and on August 24th 2012 published my debut novel, Gunshot Glitter. It is available on Amazon Kindlestore worldwide but you can reserve a First Edition print copy at GunshotGlitter2012@yahoo.co.uk if you love print like I do.

In the past I’ve worked in Marketing as a freelancer, abroad in the Maldives as an English language trainer to resort staff, and still work as a copywriter for hire, so get in touch, as I’m rather good!

I was very lucky to write the copy for the Autumn and Christmas copy for the now sadly defunct, ethical but decadent,  B Never too Busy to be Beautiful, but am happy to say that many of their scents have made it over to the Gorilla Perfume brand hosted in Lush stores.

I love scented candles, I made this one myself. It smelt of verbena.

I have had a passion for perfume and Tartware ever since playing with my mum’s collection of make- up, jars and bottles as a child. I still remember the wonder of trying on lipstick and spraying her scent. The first bottle of perfume I ever bought was Avon’s Charisma, I saved up weeks and weeks of pocket money for it. It actually didn’t suit me! I’d never smelt it before! I just liked the way it was described in the catalogues. I still have the bottle.

I have appeared on the BBC4 documentary ‘Perfume’ waxing lyrical about  Dior’s Fahrenheit, which is still officially my favourite male aftershave.  I will soon be appearing on a new high profile brand site discussing my favourite perfumes, but my lips for now are sealed.

Enjoy Tartware and feel free to write to me if you have any questions at:


Thanks for reading, the blog will officially launch in 2013 but you are welcome to get in touch with me at any time.

Yasmin Selena Butt x x


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