Sporting one of my favourite glitter, kohl and liquid eyeshadow combos by B Never too Busy…

That’s brilliant that you’ve clicked on this link because you’d like to be featured on Tartware!

Thank you for your interest.

Tartware posts will consist of a Q&A between me and you, which I will then write up into a post.

I will contact you directly with an email questionnaire which you can either fill out in MSWord, OpenOffice or within an email and send back to me.

Please include a photo of yourself with your favourite piece of Tartware if possible, or two separate images i.e one of yourself and one of your chosen piece.  You can send me three of four photos to use.  Just make sure they are jpegs or gifs for easy uploading.  It is important the photos are your own or you have permission of the owner to use them. If  they require a credit let me know.  I will let you know when the post is scheduled to go live. Be proud of your post and promote it if you like. Do spread the word and do always credit Tartware when you do.

Write to me at in the first instance to tell me you are interested. The site launches in 2013.

Let’s celebrate Tartware!


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